Phone Listings From Area Code 248-452 State Of Michigan

  • Area Code : 248-452
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Ameritech Michigan
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Pontiac
  • County: Oakland

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Latest Comments for 248-452

July 21 9:45 am
Yeah seriously.. wake up people! They give you free $$! Its happened to me twice where they sent me cash in an envelope just to fill out there survey... so I keep doing it because they pay me for it!!

July 10 5:23 pm
Oh yah and would lie to you saying something like you havent pay your bills for your internet telling bunch stupid lie or scam try to convicted to say who [***]. I dont recall this [***]. One thing for sure u answer that they have part information so dont answer. Specially when your credit number or your phone you lose that so be careful. Once it answer it download what ever information u have or scam

July 27 10:05 pm
They asked me for sexual favors and knew my name. Could possibly be a bluff my call from my ex boyfriend.

July 28 4:52 am
They told me 1500,today wire transfer, but I.needed a PayPal card for 285$,I put 500 on, I was going to bet some baseball w/ the remaining. He told me that it was not cashed untill first payment(Fred).when I did part,got a 500 PayPal ,"he said, call you in 30, as the transfer was done.a hour later, that I needed another $299 for taxes, I said "no f****ng way"I called pay pal right , the whole,$500 was gone".and the whole $500 is gone! if dony have 500 routed into my account  by  noon by 12 PCT 2 morrowin calling the police, he started to get defensive,he said tolmorrow,and his app rating is 3%.i googled the phone number,then he asked $299 for taxis, I'm not putting up $800/1500.who pays taxes before there is $$$$..If this guy calls, tell him f*** you!!!!

August 8 8:05 pm
the same thing on my Cell i dont answer #s that i dont reconize and on top of that if they want me that bad they can call my house phone i thinks its kinda funny on how they try to get info from you  and there totaly reading offa paper  i entertaned the call once and i find it funny when she said "hi my name is Debra Qualski" and im all like STFU why are you calling me whan i have no depts or a job so F--- off and dont ever call me again

August 24 7:58 pm
Hi i just a got a call from them tonight, saying that they were gonna have the sheriff come and pick me up, they left me a message stating they were an attorney, so I called them back told them that I needed the sherriff badge number and the police report number along with the court docket number for the time and proceedings of court.  And he started yelling at me and arguing with me, it is a scam, I applied for some loans online, they are computer hackers and know how to get all of your information, it is said to believe they are overseas and have local numbers that are attached in the united states and have a back account that wires money back to them and when they feel someone is on to them, they up and leave to a new location and start all over again, because the united states cannot prosecute them, only their country can so alot of time they get away with what they have dne.

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