Phone Listings From Area Code 231-780 State Of Michigan

  • Area Code : 231-780
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Frontier North, Inc. Mi
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Muskegon
  • County: Muskegon

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Latest Comments for 231-780

July 1 6:36 am
I have my residential and cell phone numbers registered on this site and still get these telemarketing and nuisance calls. I now check call display and do not answer any numbers I am not familiar with. If it is important, they will leave a message and I can return the call.

July 25 8:54 am
Received call November 28.2014. When machine answered, they hung up without leaving message. Call display said it was Healthy Home.

August 17 5:51 am
Your an idiot, it is at&t, Why do you want to [***] with people retard. It is a real at&t number, go back to sleep retard until you get next months welfare check, then you can set on the computer and start acting like a retard all over again for another month that all us working people have to pay for [***] fagget.

July 3 6:06 am
In certain circumstances a person can go to jail for writing bad checks. But NONE in the circumstances you FRAUDS like to imply.

August 10 2:33 pm
My wife got a call from this number also and the Indian guys once again said that his name was David Williams and that he had some paper work to send us for and needed to verify our address, so for us to contact him nothing but a scam this is being fgoing on for over a year now they keep on changing the numbers and trying new tactics

August 24 8:30 pm
I have asked them not to call and they called three times in one day. I also have the number registered national do not call and they keep calling they have used three different number.

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