Phone Listings From Area Code 229-131 State Of Georgia

  • Area Code : 229-131
  • Phone Type :
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Albany
  • County: Dougherty

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Latest Comments for 229-131

August 15 1:33 am
called me about car insurance.. when i dont even have a car.. like tf...

July 2 10:26 am
Get yourself a google voice number and forward all calls to it.They allow you to block many numbers, and setup special lists (family, friends, etc) so you can control who rings through and who doesnt.

July 28 11:13 pm
I got 2 calls from this number today, one right after the other. Both saying they were calling from Microsoft customer service about possible problems with my computer leaking personal information to everyone/everywhere. The second time the caller said he was Adam Walker. The accent was definitely east Indian (i.e. not American Indian) and the rapid talking so much gobbledygook. I told them not to call me back. Anyone know a complaint/wanted to let you know about this email contact at Microsoft??

August 21 1:17 pm
Something about diabetes, getting medicine

August 28 10:19 am
I got a text from this number.

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