Phone Listings From Area Code 219-947 State Of Indiana

  • Area Code : 219-947
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Frontier North, Inc. In
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Hobart
  • County: Lake

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Latest Comments for 219-947

August 2 7:15 am
I received a threatening phone call from a Bill Johnson. He stated that he was calling in reference to Docket Number 29339 PX 4680 which related to litigation involvinga Credit Card Debt in the amount of $2,269.00 which includedlate fees and interest in the amount of $1000.00. He statedthat he was with the law firm of Rubin and Yates. He said he represented his client Household Bank, Inc. and that the account was opened in 2004 and only one payment had been received in 2005. I told him that the debt was not mine and that I had never applied for credit with his client. Bill Johnson then threatened that unless I paid him within48 hours he would obtain a warrant to have me arrested to have a deposition taken. I started to cry and called by dad. When my dad called Bill Johnson, Mike Cohen and someguy with the last name of Irish refused to give him theirmailing address. My dad stated that he needed it to sendthem a Power of Attorney on my behalf in order to obtaindetails of the claim. All three individuals refused to convey the address. When my dad asked if they were attorneys, all three of them said No. My dad then found out that this is a collection agency and their practices violate consumer protection laws.

July 25 5:09 pm
I received a phone call from the same Walmart in Ohio. They said I need to give them my credit card# for shipping and handling

August 2 4:21 am
Didn't answer, comments = survey

August 19 10:45 am
Got a spam text from them at 6 in the F****** MORNING!

July 25 6:56 pm
I got a call from this no. +91 1246762400 today. I lifted the phone but nobody responded back from the other side.

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