Phone Listings From Area Code 218-225 State Of Minnesota

  • Area Code : 218-225
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Citizens Telecom Co Mnfron...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Hoyt Lakes
  • County: Saint Louis

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Latest Comments for 218-225

July 7 10:49 am
Same here, i excepted a friend request ,shortly after exchanging messages ask for phone number,started texing ,ended up very involved i was in love with a picture and who knows who I was talking to,soon I was told he loved me had 1 month left he was goona retire ,had a wife pass of lung cancer he wanted someone to spend rest his life with.Had 1 son tol me he was a engineer and when his month was up he was coming to me and wecdecidecwhete we wantedcspend restvour lives,ask if id except his son as mine .Shortly after I friended him id go his page only 4 pics of guy in miltary ,3 days after holrvpage was eraced,i cept talking but had a friend investagate she found the pic i had of who i loved invloved in scams ,shortly after all our talks he said his mother worked as a missioary led her to nigeria ,she had his boy his means were limited and his little boy needed stuff and was not getting a birthday ,and anything id ask thatvdintvadd up i never got a answer,long posses in between texs and always give me a mimit,alsoblots of iblove yous babys babe sweetiec,awwws or you rock my world ,i got 1 call and i knew that voice and accent did not come from the big hot american guy i thought was mine,was in love with a picture i went from top world to depressed write away ,my friend said when he says he gets come home he ask you pick him up at airport and hes told me he gets out next week you will pick me up i said ok ,not last women sent 1000s and sat at airport never showed,i sent small amount but dint get much,now lonely sad and want mt hit soldgier ,and its not real,when he tex me was a 430 562,1576 number,,,then when he called it came over 222,,,5. ,no more excepting friends requests i dont know,i nevercdid then when jack underwood jr came along i excepted and gitvmy heart broke,also on the emails he sent was always 1 of the 4 i saw on his facebook beforvit was deleted ,said his comanndet made them all delete them fot military reasons ya write im so hurt dont fall for this.

August 12 6:43 am
I have sign up and re-signed up for the nocall thing and I still get tons of calls every single day. It is so aggravating and I dont answer any call that I dont know who it is. I have been getting unrestricted calls for the last few days and I will not answer them either.

July 6 3:56 am
I dont not want my phone number in your database. Please remove it. Your calls are intrusive.

August 13 7:07 pm
Recieved a call from this number on my cell and they did not leave a message.

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