Phone Listings From Area Code 216-521 State Of Ohio

  • Area Code : 216-521
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Ameritech Ohio
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Lakewood
  • County: Cuyahoga

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Latest Comments for 216-521

July 7 7:55 pm
6:44 a.m. we were awakened on New Years Day morning after being up LATE on New Years Eve! The unwanted wake-up call came from this number: 916-265-8537. I called the [***] back and it said, This number is not receiving calls at this time. Because they probably all went out for New Years Eve and they are SLEEPING! HATE these stupid calls!!! I have reported dozens of calls to the FCC. I hate these [***]. Thanks for the robo wake up call you [***].

July 25 3:27 pm
Same message early this morning. Microsoft was supposed to be calling, telling me that my computer was going to crash. When I told this fellow with an Indian accent that I didnt own a Microsoft computer, and he hung up.

August 4 1:08 pm
So true. Get 000 000 0 calls on land line every day!! You can however, stop the other very annoying ones( Idd) on a cell with ATT sevice. It is bliss. Smart Limits lets you block thirty of these jerks. Added it last week, 4.99 a month and so far, so SILENT AND BLISSFUL.. Did get one o thing. Ignored it.

July 16 12:02 am
I've been getting calls from the same place asking for someone that I'm assuming had my number before me.  No matter how often I answer and tell them they have a wrong number, the calls don't stop.  I reported it with the website above a couple weeks ago.  The calls still don't stop though.  It's not htat big of a deal, just kind of annoying.

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