Phone Listings From Area Code 216-347 State Of Ohio

  • Area Code : 216-347
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Cellco Partnership Dba Veri...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Cleveland
  • County: Cuyahoga

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July 29 12:12 pm
Same as Amanda, they called threatening to report me to the sheriff. I told them to go ahead. Said that I didnt repay a payday loan. He wanted me to give my card number to pay him $900. I asked for the guys name he got upset. I asked for his address and business name, he said he was from Hawaii. I asked for his street address and he started calling me a ni***r (funny I am white..) anyway, he said the address was 123 Elm street... again I requested the town... he said it was GFY and said that is go fu** yourself. He was pissed off and yelling. I told him that I was reporting him to the police and he hung up. Do not be intimidated by these clowns. They have no right to have you arrested. The police do not arrest for not repaying, all they can do is sue you. I told them twice to not call me and to cease and desist, but they call anyway. One hint words when you get calls like this. It seems they always end with good luck to you. No legit company or professional will end a call like that. One other tactic they are using is spoofing the sheriffs office phone number. One last thing. Creditors, collection companies, or anyone like that can NOT leave messages on your answering machine with detailed personal information... another red flag.

August 10 2:15 pm
Jay, thank you for the time you took to clarify the purpose of the DNC and its limitations. While the DNC does help, it can do nothing to thwart the predators stalking us.Heres a sad fact I have seen time and time again (specifically the Las Vegas gaming industry). Whenever you build a better mousetrap, you start dealing with a smarter mouse. This issue will never be solved. Technology makes it impossible. The one with the offensive move (predator) will always have the advantage. The defender can never be less than one step behind, and therefore can never catch up.You want the best security and privacy safeguard? Disconnect your phones and internet (e-mail included) connections and go exclusively snail mail. Even thats not totally secure. I know its not what you want to hear, but its the truth.This is a never-ending game with no final winner.

August 10 7:55 am
Belongs to BROADWING COMMUNICATIONS, LLC Called my business, but didn't leave a message. I didn't get to the phone in time so not sure what it was.

August 23 12:37 am
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