Phone Listings From Area Code 215-533 State Of Pennsylvania

  • Area Code : 215-533
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon Pennsylvania, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Philadelphia
  • County: Philadelphia

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Latest Comments for 215-533

August 20 3:22 am
Something about home morgage

July 6 8:01 am
>>> Looks like a totally legit ID, doesnt it? They didnt leave a message. Dialed the number (314-611-6130) back and got a bogus message supposedly from the phone company. <<<Uh ... no. Its not bogus. Thats NOT a legitimate number, and there are NO 314-611 numbers at all in the US. The message is NOT a bogus message supposedly from the phone company. The so-called bogus message is completely correct and legitimate.1) 611 is an easily recognizable code, which is reserved for special purposes by phone companies, just like 411 and 911. Once it is dialed all by itself, the dialing string is terminated and you are connected to the special service. (611 is frequently used for phone repair services or by cell phones to reach a national service desk.)2) In the 314 area code, you can still dial plain old 7 digit local numbers. See:This supports point 1) in that no one in the 314 area code can dial a number starting in 611 and having 4 more digits. So there cannot be any numbers in 314 in particular that start with 611 after the area code.3) There is no switch or toll center in 314 that handles 314-611-x numbers. See: ... ys=0&nextdays=0So you didnt get a bogus message from your phone company -- you got a REAL message from the phone company. The number itself was spoofed, and you got a real message back confirming that.>>> If youre trying to run a sophisticated sounding scam maybe you should be a little more sophisticated. <<<And if you are going to try explain a scam like this one by saying its a bogus number not in service message from the phone company, maybe you are the one who needs more sophistication.

August 27 9:49 am
They called me 2 days ago and I answered. They said they were a Rogers division and knew I had internet with them. They tried to sell me other services and told them I wasnt interested. They called back again yesterday but didnt leave a message.

August 11 1:17 pm
Some political party spam

August 11 11:26 pm
Tmobile customer service survey.

July 7 8:12 pm
I have gotten 2 calls from this # and they do not leave a message. If I don't know the callers I do not answer so they better leave a message.

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