Phone Listings From Area Code 214-345 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 214-345
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Dallas
  • County: Dallas

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Latest Comments for 214-345

August 3 9:13 am
got a call on my answer machine last night (could not understand him at all) I understood his name asJphn Davis and something about US treasury. just got a call now on my cell phone same guy, and that Im going to be arrested. something about US treasury, I just started laughing and he said I hear you laughing but this is no laughing matter, I told him whatever I can contact the US treasury myself and he just hung up.. Idiot

July 2 8:27 am
Ive been getting the same number for weeks on my 800 number from multiple phone numbers. I had my answering service block the first couple of numbers, but they keep coming. Numbers used include 903-538-8458, 409-273-9995, 979-798-9629, 631-832-5059, 325-948-6616, and 512-767-9191. Im usually getting one to two calls a day right now.

August 25 10:16 am
My aunt used to do that using a police whistle, which of course works best with a live ear on the other end.

August 14 5:45 pm
Dont try to defend them, just dont say you are working for a piece of sh***t company like that. Ive heard it all from those [***] company and none, I mean NONE of them can prove that their products are as reliable as the one we already use, as well as they cannot prove they are, or will be any cheaper than the company we are with. It a scam, sorry you have to work for a fraud, but thats the truth. After 18years of hearing their calls, I think I know them quite a bit!!

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