Phone Listings From Area Code 213-222 State Of California

  • Area Code : 213-222
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : U.s. Telepacific Corp. Ca
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Los Angeles
  • County: Los Angeles

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Latest Comments for 213-222

July 10 12:02 am
they call me daily too, Jessica. they ask for my dad and theyre so annoying!

August 19 7:59 pm
January 2015: I suspect a scam! received a letter as well, for $1 check!!! Advise to this amex: credit it back into the account you are referring to! Just think about this:if one would deposit this type of check into a checking account, it would go back to this ?unknown CO/Bank? with even more information on it phishing , perhaps?

July 15 3:47 am
I have received the same thing twice this week. Once I answered just because I was curious what lame company had a 000-000-0 number and all it was was silence and finally a recorded goodbye. Today I let it ring when I saw the same number on the caller ID and the same thing is now on my answering machine.just a pause and then Goodbye. So strange.

August 16 9:45 pm
I have ATT. Got my first call today. Didnt answer. Also in the past have gotten the call about my computer needing fixed. Fell for it and took all day to get the viruses removed that the caller injected.

August 18 8:02 am
I received two text messages from an unknown sender. I replied that they had the wrong number. I received another text message from same sender adamant that I was the person who they were trying to contact. Then another text message wanting to know who I was. I then replied that I had recently purchased the phone and the phone was assigned a number without input from me.

July 2 5:12 pm
Guy tried to buy my iPad for 150.00 MORE than I was asking. Too good to be true.

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