Phone Listings From Area Code 209-344 State Of California

  • Area Code : 209-344
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : American Messaging Services...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Stockton
  • County: San Joaquin

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Latest Comments for 209-344

July 11 10:47 am
this rediculious they try to scam you in getting something out of the person and i laugh about how stupid these people really are. thinking noone is going to go ahead and do work on there own.well i work for the state and the feds and have my own resurches how ignorant these people put a scare on individuals so that they can again put a scare so that gulable individuals like yourselfs can provide person information to give out as if your gonna be that smart to give out your information to a total staranger over the phone. well they are telemarketers from bakersfield california with this number 661-748-0240 there are more numbers out there just like this one they have 1446 complaints all ready on them so people lets be smart and not give your info out to anyone you dont know call the federal department or put your complaint in to the address given which ever it might be and get these people cought in there wrong doing.thanks

July 15 6:31 am
These Calls keep coming and they really need to stop its making me really angry!!! I am trying to sleep after a closing shift last night and now i cant because my phone is going crazy on the ringer and vibrate. Im all the way in Cali. is thee a number i can call to tell them o stop this [***]!!!

August 20 10:05 pm
Not sure who this # is for or what they want, they called me 5 times in 2 hours today and no message left. When I finally answered the 5th time to tell them to stop calling me there was no one on the other line nothing but dead air.

July 10 7:16 am
i called it back and it was some stuff about finding a college

July 30 7:20 pm
we kept on getting them up until we contacted T-mobile and followed these instructions.Quck Fix: Log in to > go to Connect & Share > Configure Email > E-mail filters and spam blocking > Click on Create email filters If you want to block all email msgs from your phone click YES for option 1: Block all messages from E-Mail to handset (If you select yes, you will NOT receive any E-Mail messages to or then click UPDATE EMAIL FILTERSIf you don't want to block all email msgs then Click on Create A FILTER and pick and choose which email addresses or phone #'s or subject matter you wish to block.JRR OF ILLEGAL ALIEN AUTOPSY

July 2 4:20 pm
Got you hahahah! One@@@@@@@@@@@@!

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