Phone Listings From Area Code 208-628 State Of Idaho

  • Area Code : 208-628
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Citizens Telecom Idahofron...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Riggins
  • County: Idaho

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Latest Comments for 208-628

August 11 2:24 pm
I got the same call and they told me the same thing you guys was saying. She said i hade 3 count against me. they said get the state send me certified letters and the bank sent me certified letters. But me and my wife never got a certified letter from anybody when I asked him what was my address they didnt know the address I just know my zip code.first time somebody call some guy named Robert Brooks.

July 11 2:17 am
Dont try to defend them, just dont say you are working for a piece of sh***t company like that. Ive heard it all from those [***] company and none, I mean NONE of them can prove that their products are as reliable as the one we already use, as well as they cannot prove they are, or will be any cheaper than the company we are with. It a scam, sorry you have to work for a fraud, but thats the truth. After 18years of hearing their calls, I think I know them quite a bit!!

August 17 1:53 pm
For college and I'm a fulltime student and they keep calling me

August 24 4:04 pm
Same thing happened to me - called 5 times in 6 days.

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