Phone Listings From Area Code 207-484 State Of Maine

  • Area Code : 207-484
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobile
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Van Buren
  • County: Aroostook

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Latest Comments for 207-484

August 14 3:22 pm
A company Iprox from 458-201-2052 called cuz I was eligible for a $100 WalMart card because I had shopped there or bought something or answered a survey or responded to a warranty. The caller, whose accent made him almost unintelligible, said he couldnt nail down anything more definite than this. Then he told me I could get the $100 card and some other stuff if I paid $4.95 for the shipping! I told him it was not ethical to tell someone they had won something and ask them to pay to ship the gift card. I am positive that Wal Mart - their alleged partner- does not do business this way. I then asked which country he was calling from and he said Southern California, and then he said Sacramento, California (hello, thats nothern CA) and then he wanted to get right back to his robotic script. I asked to speak to a supervisor and did get someone else on the line, but he only wanted to repeat the script again. He refused to answer my questions and asked if I wanted to be placed on the Do Not Call list. I said I wanted my questions answered about the legitimacy of the company and the offering, but he hung up. No one would say how they obtained my private cell phone number. Do not give these people one penny!

August 14 10:48 pm
Dave is quite correct. Sorry to burst your bubble

July 24 5:05 pm
THIS IS NOT GODADDYS CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER. !!! it belongs to another co., see below. This is the info I got off another site at480-505-8859 / 4805058859 / (480) 505-8859 - Report a CallThe description we have for the 480 area code is: Arizona: East Phoenix (see 520; also Phoenix split 602, 623). Since 480-505-8859 belongs to the 480 area code, we also know that the local time in PHOENIX, AZ is 14:10pm. Additional Number Variations: 480/505/8859 - 480.505.8859 - 480 505 8859. Other phone numbers in the 480 area code that also have comments are 480-052-6107, 480-098-8622, 480-205-3540, 480-208-3507, 480-209-5405, 480-213-8213, 480-217-8378, 480-228-1363, 480-228-7491 and 480-234-1. The owner of 480-505-8859 can be obtained through a detailed report. As well, the address and number type is also available in a detailed report. The phone number 480-505-8859 is assigned to XO ARIZONA, INC. and the actual exchange location is in PHOENIX, AZ. Technically, the telephone exchange switch is identified as PHNAAZ55DS0. ***SO IT DOESNT LOOK LIKE IT IS GODADDY, it looks like it is XO ARIZONA, INC.***I have been with godaddy for years, and they have never called me til I got the call from this outfit that seems to be pretending to be godaddy. They were just fishing for my private info.How do they know you have done business with godaddy? they simply look up domain names in the godaddy whois or any whois at any domain registrar. This info is available to the public inless you have private registration. So they can find your phone and address , email, expiration and renewal dates, etc easily. Associated with your domain name. This is spam, and using a fake ID of someone else is fraud, if indeed thats what theyre doing.DONT TALK TO THESE PEOPLE! theyre probably trying to scam you.I told the guy, email me and Ill know if its from godaddy or not. Because of course they have my email address, and theirs would show in the email. But in truth, it would also have to have the domain keys verified sign next to the senders email address or else they could also forge the email sender name.Godaddy customer support has a similar number but it is not the same. It ends in 77, not 59.DONT BELIEVE WHAT STRANGERS SAY ON THE PHONE WHEN THEY CONTACT YOU LIKE THIS!

August 22 7:11 am
Never answered never will

August 19 1:04 pm
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