Phone Listings From Area Code 205-996 State Of Alabama

  • Area Code : 205-996
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Birmingham
  • County: Jefferson

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Latest Comments for 205-996

August 15 6:40 pm
To curious, why are you calling that no in first place unless you are the one making all the prank calls? Anyone else just would just read and go on. Tell on yourself much?

July 4 4:12 pm
I have been receiving the same scam calls too. So when one shows up, I call Verizon Wireless customer service and they are super friendly when I call. They help me block the specific numbers, that call.

July 19 4:34 pm
The F U button is the button that makes the air horn pointed right at the mouthpiece of the phone while its on speaker go off, right?

July 25 8:30 am
Why are these people allowed to do this? Phone company should cut their phone off!

July 18 5:00 pm
I have been receiving these calls as well. Saying something about they got my number through my name and SSN. I couldn't understand where they were calling from or the company. I called them back and left a message stating that they need to have someone who can talk clear english leave a message and what exactly the problem is in why they are calling me. I get calls from them about 6 times a day. They will call. leave a message and call back in like ten minutes. This company is calling from all over the eastern seaboard. I get it from NJ, NY, Virginia, Conn, and Maryland.

July 10 11:12 pm
1/2/12 this number called but doesn't leave message

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