Phone Listings From Area Code 205-485 State Of Alabama

  • Area Code : 205-485
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Centurytel Tel Al Llc (nort...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Haleyville
  • County: Winston

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Latest Comments for 205-485

July 21 10:31 am

July 27 8:29 pm
Called back and says disconnected

August 2 8:58 am
Just got a call from caller id #203-1290.  Pushed 1 for English and after long while "Fred" came on asked how he can help me.  I told I had no idea since HE called me and I did not know who he was.  He proceeded to ask to speak to Mr. F, whose name is close to but not mine, and asked if he was home or if that was me.  When I told him that my name was close, but not right and again asked who he was to try and figure out if he wanted me or someone else, he said I was rude and hung up.  Gotta love these morons.  If it was a legit collection call for a debt I owed, no reason NOT to identify yourself.  Fact that the company is not identified, nor is the debt until AFTER they gather whatever info they can tells you it is bogus call.

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